UPDATE (finally!): SO, MARS?

Hi – Sorry things have been quiet. Rose is gone. I know she’s been gone before but this time, I think she’s really gone. Nothing from her for months, and then she turned up, usual story - world in danger, the Doctor needed her help, life and death. And then she just went, leaving Jacks and me standing there in the road. Just the knackered suspension on my Mini to remember her by.

And since then, it's been quiet. Nothing. I think that this time that could be it - her precious Doctor's finally cost her her life. And if not, do you think it would hurt her just once to tell us that she's fine? Jackie's still saying she'll come back, but we've heard nothing.

So, why am I back? Thing is, Daffodil’s contacted me again – this time about that Guinevere probe.

I’d seen it on the telly but didn’t think much of it. When you know the truth (like we do!!) some probe going to Mars doesn’t seem that big a deal. At least, that’s what I reckoned. Then, I went to look at the Guinevere website and, don’t know about you, but there’s something majorly fishy about the whole thing! What do you think?

So, let’s get this straight. We’re sending this probe to Mars to get soil samples and stuff. So why all that stuff on it about talking to aliens??? It doesn’t add up!! Then there’s this thing about the Prime Minister being so involved. I know how Harriet Jones got her job - everyone thinks that spaceship hitting Big Ben was a hoax and that the last PM died in an accident (and so did all the Cabinet!!!! How can people not see that as a cover-up??). I know there was more to it than that – she met the Doctor! She fought the Slitheen with Rose (bet she never mentions that on ‘Question Time’!). So she knows about aliens! What’s going on?

I really hoped all this was behind me but I don’t think it’ll ever be. There’s nothing we can do, though. Just wait. Watch on Christmas Day and see what happens.

In the meantime, remember - They say hoax, we say we got the footage!

Remember the Shop dummies!

Remember the Aliens invading London! Don’t believe everything THEY tell you! Mickey

PS: Doctor, if you’re reading this – come back. Bring her back. Or at least tell us what happened. We can't go through another Christmas like the last one.